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Executive Director Search

Job Description

Executive Director Search Announcement

Texas Community College Teachers Association


About the Organization

Founded in 1948, the Texas Community College Teachers Association is unique, as it is the only professional organization for community college educators in the United States. We draw members from fifty institutions across the state, and play an important role in the higher education landscape of Texas.

The Association is comprised of educators from every teaching discipline, as well as counselors, librarians, and administrators from all public and independent community, junior, and technical colleges in the state of Texas. It hosts the largest gathering of two-year college educators in the state, and acts as an advocate on behalf of its members before the Texas Legislature and relevant state agencies. TCCTA provides outstanding professional development programs, vigorous advocacy on education policy issues, and professional legal services to its members.


Mission and Programs

The Executive Director shall be employed by the Executive Committee (EC) and will oversee the operations of the Association. The position is predominantly remote with collaboration space, but will require living in Austin, Texas. Some travel is required. In this role, the Executive Director will:

  • Collaborate with the EC to identify, create and implement strategic plans to actualize the organization’s objectives.
  • Monitor company operations and ensure employees and business practices comply with regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Develop the organizational culture and promote transparency and collaboration throughout the organization.
  • Develop partnerships with the Association’s stakeholders, including members, member institutions, policymakers, and industry partners.
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities within the organization and its environment to protect the organization’s interests.
  • Represent the Association in ways that strengthen the brand and communicate the organization’s message.


Qualifications and Skills

We are seeking a leader with the following strengths:

  • Ability to keep the purpose of our work and the people whom we serve at the center of our activities and decisions.
  • Excellent understanding of finance-related performance standards and proven ability to develop and execute financial strategies.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the mission of community colleges, including policy and governance issues.
  • Solid understanding of how systems function and a systems approach to internal and social change.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A transformative/holistic approach to internal organizational culture and external mission and relationships.
  • A positive attitude and the capacity to work through challenges with persistence, resilience and humor.
  • Strong organization and leadership skills.
  • Proven experience as executive director or other managerial position.
  • Strategic thinking and analytical skills.
  • Ability to collaborate with legal experts and/or knowledge of public employment law.
  • High standards of ethical behavior.


Required - Bachelor’s Degree

Preferred - Master’s Degree


General Administrative Responsibilities

  • Maintain the State Office of the Association, conducting its affairs in an efficient, business-like manner.
  • Maintain full knowledge and understanding of the business of the Association and the work of its officers and committees as stated in the bylaws.
  • Provide staff services for officers and committees of the Association, as directed by the EC.
  • Supervise and evaluate the work of the State Office staff under policies established by the EC.
  • Maintain such records and prepare such reports and agendas as required by law, by the Association, or by the EC.
  • Show proficiency in Association software, like Quickbooks and Adobe Creative Suite. Also proficient in tools for website editing and database management.

Executive Responsibilities

  • Accept responsibility for implementation of the policies and directives of the EC.
  • Submit general and specific recommendations for improvements in the structural and functional aspects of the Association’s work.
  • Serve as a central contact person for aggrieved teachers, providing them with information about pertinent Association policies and procedures and referring eligible members for legal consultation.
  • With approval of the President and the support of office staff, conduct negotiations with and enter into contracts with meeting facilities for meetings of Association committees, the annual TCCTA Leadership Retreat, the annual TCCTA Conference for Faculty Leaders, and any other meetings planned under auspices of the Association.
  • Communicate consistently and transparently with the EC.
  • Maintain relationships/communication with Community College Presidents across the state.

Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Maintain financial records of the Association; maintain custody of records of the Association’s bank accounts. (Pay bills; knowledge of Quickbooks preferred.)
  • Keep an accurate record of all funds collected and disbursed by the Association.
  • Prepare, in cooperation with the Treasurer, a correct financial report to be provided on a regular basis to all members of the EC.
  • Prepare and file appropriate tax returns, reports, and other documents required by the Texas Workforce Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, and other state and federal governmental agencies.
  • Present recommendations concerning the budget of the Association for each fiscal year.
  • Oversee annual audit.
  • Oversee the Foundation for Professional Excellence in the Community College 501(c)(3) board. Keep fiscal records; pay bills. Support grant writing and solicitation.

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Support the Director of Programs to ensure the following are completed:
  • Develop, under direction of the EC and in cooperation with the Chair of the Membership Committee, detailed plans for the annual membership drive.
  • Maintain correct and current records of Association membership.
  • Establish and maintain open channels of communication with the TCCTA representative on each campus.


Legislative Responsibilities

  • Upon authorization by the President, provide for the presentation of testimony and evidence in support of the official position of the Association before governmental bodies.
  • Keep the President and the Chair of the Legislative Committee informed of significant developments concerning the status of legislation affecting the Association and its members.
  • Maintain relationships/communication with related organizations/associations: TACC (Texas Association of Community Colleges), CCATT (Community College Association of Texas Trustees), THECB (The Higher Education Coordinating Board), SACSCOC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges), etc.

Responsibilities for Publications

  • Edit, under policies established by the EC, the Association’s publications.
  • Support Director of Programs and the Publications Committee as they solicit worthy contributions to be considered for publication.
  • Regularly contribute articles to the Association publications and blogs.
  • Maintain the Messenger as a high-quality professional publication.
  • Prepare and file reports and documents required by the United States Postal Service.

Event Responsibilities

  • As authorized by the EC and with the support of office staff, oversee negotiations and enter into contracts with hotels and convention centers for the Association’s Convention and other annual events.
  • Supervise staff in developing, negotiating, and finalizing plans for the Association’s Convention and other annual events.
  • With the support of office staff, contact prospective exhibitors and negotiate contracts for sponsorships.

  • Other Responsibilities
  • Perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as may be delegated by the Association or the EC.


  • $90,000-$110,000 yearly, commensurate with experience
  • Employer-Funded Retirement Plan
  • Vacation / Sick Leave

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  • Deadline to apply is Friday, June 23, 2023
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